Main Office

Dear Globe Park Families,

I am excited to welcome you all to Globe Park Elementary for the 2021-2022 school year. I am honored to be starting my second year as a Gator. Our vision at Globe Park is to continue to work with families to provide a positive educational experience for all of our students. I will begin sending out weekly newsletters to families every Sunday evening. This newsletter will highlight events that are happening at school as well as keep you informed of any procedural changes set forth by the district. 

For those of you are a joining us as Kindergarteners, we will be having our Kindergarten Orientation on August 25, 2021. During this session, you will meet our Kindergarten teachers, discuss expectations for the year, tour a school bus, and discuss bus safety.

For our returning students, we will be having Open House on August 31, 2021. When you arrive for Open House, there will be a table set up in the lobby to give you the name of your child’s teacher

Parent and school partnerships are important to the success of your child’s education. At Globe we encourage you to support your students by participating in our family engagement activities, taking an interest in you child’s schoolwork, and communicating with class teachers, school social workers, and principal. 

Globe Park Elementary’s Mission:
To provide a safe and supportive environment for our ENTIRE community, focusing on: 


Problem Solving, 


and Creativity. 

Join us in making the 21-22 school year a positive, successful experience for all our students. 

Welcome Back to School!


Nichelle Kennell, Principal